26. Sixtus II

December 10, 2018

Pope Sixtus II is our first second! He is a heavy hitter in the early church, and his tomb is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites of the first martyrs. In this episode we discuss cults and beans, his famous saint companions, his bloody death, and his Renaissance depictions!

25. Stephen I

December 3, 2018

Pope Stephen's papacy begins at a time where what is most needed is consistency, and continuity from the previous popes. And he delivers something entirely different instead. In his episode, we will discuss his papacy, his relationship with pope fanboy Cyprian, and try to separate him from two other popes he's often blended into.

24. Lucius

November 26, 2018

Pope Lucius doesn't have a whole lot of time to make his mark on the church, and he's going to have to spend much of that time on beach vacation. But there are still things to discuss! In this episode, we'll go over his life, his position on the new schism, and the impact his head has on demons.

23. Cornelius

November 12, 2018

Pope Cornelius assumed the papacy in the midst of an extremely violent persecution, after the longest period of no-pope-ness that we've seen yet. Will he lead the church in a new unifying direction, or will he scramble with a fractured and decimated church? In this episode, we discuss his life, his fanboys, and common sense versus orthodoxy.

22. Fabian

November 5, 2018

Pope Fabian definitely has one of the most unique stories of the early Popes. As the first pope appointed by acclamation, he shook things up, and maybe made a few birb-friends along the way.

21. Anterus

October 22, 2018

Pope Anterus is one of the most unfortunate of the early popes, due to one of the shortest papacies in history. But in this episode, we seek to uncover if he did anything to make this short papacy substantial.

20. Pontian

October 15, 2018

Pope Pontian will set a precedent for the church that will resound through to very modern history, and forever change the way the office of Pope is perceived by the world. In this episode, we will discuss his life, his response to the antipope schism, and boopable noses.

Bonus Episode: The Second Nun’s Tale

October 14, 2018

Surprise! Since Pope Urban I is the first pope to leave a lasting mark on famous world literature, we're celebrating with a bonus episode, reading 'The Second Nun's Tale', from Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales.

19. Urban I

October 8, 2018

Pope Urban sat on the papal throne, and all he got was the t-shirt... or some accounts would have you believe! But is this an accurate picture of a pope who has achieved literary immortality? In this episode, we will discuss his ordinations, his connection with Saint Cecilia, incorruptible saints, and whether or not he has been fairly judged by time.

18. Callixtus

October 1, 2018

The Catholic Encyclopedia says: "If we knew more of Callixtus from Catholic sources, he would probably appear as one of the greatest of the popes." Instead, the sources we have are from his greatest critics. But is that a bad thing? His enemies have so much to say! In this episode, we discuss Callixtus's adventurous life, his scandalous policies, his cemetery, and determine whether he was a Saint, or a massive sinner.