Crossover: Eat Brains Love with Quest Friends! and Totalus Rankium

October 22, 2022

We're back into the TTRPG world!

With Kyle DMing the amazing new TTRPG that he designed, Under the Neighborhood, Ari from Quest Friends! and Rob from Totalus Rankium, Bry plays through the mysterious and strange "Historia Lane", where all Pontifacts and Totalus Rankium jokes are literal and real! 

Listen for zombies, birds, elections, betrayal, heartbreak, revenge, and so much more.

Quest Friends: https://www.questfriendspodcast.com/pontifacts 
Under the Neighborhood: https://questfriends.itch.io/neighborhood
Totalus Rankium: https://totalusrankium.podbean.com/ 

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